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    Deep Creatic Technologies Co. Ltd.focuses on artificial intelligence application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design and development, the company relying on international advanced core technology of artificial intelligence, is committed to hardware level chip and system of artificial intelligence research and development, the company in computer vision, intelligent wireless and neuromorphic chips, and other fields have a complete technical accumulation and mature customized programs.

    As one of the few high-tech companies in the world capable of developing hardware AI chips, The core r&d team members of Deep Creatic all graduated from the top majors of the double first-class universities in China, and most of them have the senior background of working in famous chip companies for more than 8 years.The team started from the bottom technology and applied the core technology to the field of hardware ARTIFICIAL intelligence. It has been working in the field of chiplevel artificial intelligence for six years and published the latest progress of artificial neural network research in the world's top scientific and technological journal Nature Communications in 2015. The Deep Creatic team commercialized the results in 2016 and has successfully developed several AI neural network platform chips and is actively engaged in the research and development of AI chips and systems for collaborative applications in the fields of image recognition, intelligent control and robotics.

    The company has a profound research and development foundation in the field of artificial intelligence chips. In the past few years, the AI core has gone through several iterations, accumulated rich experience in research and development and formed technical barriers.Based on the core technology, from algorithm to chip, from software to solution, it can provide complete solutions for many AI application scenarios.The company currently owns a number of intellectual property rights, The company won the first prize in the Southwest region and the National Finals of 2018 Maker China AI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

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